About us

ANF Animal Therapy®?

We train veterinarians and therapists worldwide

through our dedicated master instructors

The mission of ANF Animal Therapy®

Is to revolutionize animal healthcare by empowering veterinarians and therapists with advanced knowledge and skills in neuro-frequency medicine.

The program offers comprehensive education and practical training, equipping professionals to identify and treat the root causes of health issues in animals. Through innovative techniques, ANF Animal Therapy® enhances animal recovery and well being, leading to faster healing and longlasting benefits.

By setting a new standard in animal healthcare, ANF Animal Therapy® shapes a better future for both animals and those who care for them.


A leading value-based institute on a mission to revolutionize the industry!

 We provide high-quality education to Animal Healthcare professionals to supercharge their clinical skills and clinical outcome with neuro frequency therapy.


lies within ANF Academy, a Master Level Education Centre, that will serve as the portal to excellence in Animal healthcare.

Nestled in the heart of the Sunny Coast of Southern Spain, we’ve designed a tool and education to revolutionize Animal Care.

Ultimately, this achievement contributes to supporting neurological resilience, consequently promoting overall well-being and life quality.

ANF Animal Therapy® is pioneering a revolution in animal wellness!

We offer top-tier education to elevate your clinical expertise with ANF Animal Therapy®!


About Us

ANF Animal Therapy®, established by Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff and his wife Sanne Kiilerich, focuses on revolutionizing animal healthcare by bringing neurofrequency medicine to the forefront.

Dr. Hoff’s expertise in the biochemistry of the nervous system, sports medicine, and psychology informs ANF Animal Therapy’s innovative curriculum. This advanced approach empowers healthcare professionals to improve healing and immune responses in animals, leading to long-lasting and effective results.

Pain & Inflammation

What is Chronic inflammation?

It is most probably an “invisible” inflammation if the animal show signs as

Inflammation Case

“Within 5 minutes of applying ANF discs, he is a different horse. He went to sleep for 10 minutes, and you could pat him all over after.”

Issues with Equine Health today

Nothing can effectively address inflammations

Developed for

The Dream Becomes True

Driven by his desire to help others, Dr. Hoff developed Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy, a groundbreaking approach that uses neuro-frequency medicine to enhance healing and immune responses.

This innovative therapy not only helped countless people worldwide but also showed great results when applied to animals. ANF Animal Therapy® provides healthcare professionals with advanced education and techniques to understand and treat the root causes of animal health issues, leading to long-lasting and effective results.

What is ANF Technology

Communication & resource delivery system

Carbonized metal 3M adhesive

No chemical or organic substances

WADA compliant

Wearable Discs Up to 120 hours

Neurological impact

Patented Model # U202030252, ES1259974


Compliant by SportProtect Certification